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What is Demand Planning?  Demand Planning is the art and science of planning customer demand to drive holistic execution of such demand by corporate supply chain and business management.

Learn useful tips and techniques for Demand Planning at the
Read Mark Chockalingam's Blog on Business Planning and Strategy at

Forecasting and the Art of Demand Planning - Andrew Tolve interviews Mark Chockalingam on how to forecast with real market information in mind. Read on...

Is calculating and reporting forecast accuracy becoming a daunting task every month?

DemandPlanning.Net provides a user-friendly tool that is highly customizable to your data model and creates analyzable reports in Excel spreadsheets with pivot capabilities. All the metrics required are already built into this software. It also comes with a rich set of exception management reports. Please contact us or email!

Demand Forecasting is the lifeblood of any business. It is an important building block for market forecasting, business planning, industry modeling, supply chain management, and long-range strategic planning.  When it is translated into revenue terms, this is also termed as business forecasting. 

What is Demand Planning? Demand Planning can be defined as the art and science of planning customer demand to drive holistic execution of such demand by corporate supply chain and business management. Demand Planning starts with a solid statistical forecast and adds intelligence through consensus management of the demand information process.  The process model for implementing Demand Planning encompasses essentially nine steps.  Read about the Demand Planning Process Model in our consulting pages. 

Business Forecasting is a process that primarily relies on a statistical demand forecast and business priorities for the plan year to build a to-be plan. A Business Forecast is normative and directional for the organization to achieve over the medium-term to long-term. Typically the very long-term plans are labeled Strategic Plans.  Learn more about different types of planning initiatives here.   

What is your market share?

Do you expect share to increase over time? Why should the supply chain care about market planning and share analysis? More...

Top-down, Bottom-up or Middle out?

Learn more about forecast reconciliation in a Sales Forecasting process or a business forecasting exercise.

Know the popular acronyms in demand planning, Sales Forecasting and supply chain management.

Recent Q&A
Is there a profile of Safety Stock Coverage required for different Customer Service levels?

Yes. Here is a profile of inventory coverage at various required service levels. More.

How do lead times factor in safety stock calculations?

Lead times are an important factor in deciding inventory levels at the receiving point. More.


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